Minutes of Wicken Bonhunt Parish Meeting

Date: Wednesday 15th May 2019

Venue: Rectory Stables

Parish Committee. Joan Morgan (Chair), Gary Newman (Clark), Richard Taylor (Community Champion), Roger Turner (Treasurer), Fabian Bullen (Highways).

Attendee’s: Gary Newman, Joan Morgan, Roger Turner, Richard Taylor.


Fabian Bullen



Meeting Agenda

  1. Agenda and apologies.
  2. Paris Accounts.
  3. AOB.


Minutes and actions arising

  1. Agenda & Apologies

Joan Morgan opened the meeting by thanking all attendees and noting apologies.

  1. Parish accounts

Roger Turner presented the parish accounts to the committee and gave a detailed account of annual income and expenditure. The accounts were formally approved and signed by the Chair.


  1. AOB

Joan raised the issue of a fallen tree on the bank of the river opposite Laurel Cottage. This tree was now resting on the large Willow and is at risk of falling and blocking both the public footpath and the road. The issue has been reported to highways who have declined to deal with tree stating that the responsibility lies with the land owner.

Gary made the committee aware of the fact that the river was blocked by multiple fallen trees along the course of the river from Ivy Cottage to St Helens Chapel. It was believed that the land owner is responsible and Strutt and Parker, as the managing agent, will be contacted with a view of removing the blockages.

Joan made the committee aware that a village resident had been advised to stop selling plants on the public right of way outside their property and move the stall to the inside of their boundary. The situation will be monitored over the coming weeks.




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Village Accounts