Minutes of Wicken Bonhunt Village Meeting

Date: Tuesday 1st June 2021

Venue: Wicken Community centre

Parish Committee: Joan Morgan (Chair), Richard Taylor (Community Champion), Roger Turner (Treasurer), Anthony Rogers (Highways and neighbourhood watch), Gary Newman (Secretary)

Attendee’s: Joan Morgan, Roger Turner, Richard Taylor, Anthony Rogers





Meeting Agenda

  1. Agenda and welcome to Anthony
  2. Audit of accounts 2020-2021
  3. Highways and Ray Gooding progress
  4. The Meads
  5. Future of the Church
  6. AOB

Minutes and actions arising


Joan opened the meeting with a warm welcome to Anthony who has taken over responsibility for highways liaison from Fabian.



Roger gave a summary of the annual income and expenditure for the village and Joan approved and signed the audit in her capacity as chair.



Anthony gave a summary of current highways actions and was liaising with Ray Gooding on a number of traffic calming options through the village.



Joan informed the meeting that the pavement outside the Meads was in a poor state of repair and needed to be re-surfaced, but a substantial amount of the repair cost was to be meet by the Meads residents who were unable to contribute the required amounts.



Richard appraised the committee that the future of the Church was questionable given the reduced numbers in the congregation and invited suggestions on how to involve the wider village community in Church activities.



Ownership of Wicken Water throughout the village was ongoing with discussions taking place with Highways.

The committee needed to decide on the next actions for the removal of the Willow tree stump.

Some activity on the land behind Clarks Cottage had been reported to Uttlesford District Council as the planning permission had been turned down (again) and the appeal date had passed.

A new contractor for cutting the verges needed to be found.




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Village accounts audit

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