Minutes of audit of the village accounts 2022-2022

Date: Monday 30th May 2022

Venue: Wicken Bonhunt Community centre

Parish Committee: Joan Morgan (Chair), Richard Taylor (Community Champion), Roger Turner (Treasurer), Anthony Rogers (Highways and neighbourhood watch), Gary Newman (Secretary)

Attendee’s: Joan Morgan, Roger Turner, Richard Taylor


Anthony Rogers , Gary Newman



Meeting Agenda

  1. Agenda, welcome and apologies.
  2. Audit of accounts 2021-2022
  3. AOB

Minutes and actions arising


Agenda. Joan opened the meeting and noted apologies.



Audit of accounts. Roger gave a summary of the annual income and expenditure for the village and Joan approved and signed the audit in her capacity as chair.



AOB. No additional points were raised.

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Village accounts 2021-2022

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