Minutes of Wicken Bonhunt Parish Meeting

Date: Wednesday 13th July 2020

Venue: Wicken Community centre

Parish Committee: Joan Morgan (Chair), Richard Taylor (Community Champion), Roger Turner (Treasurer), Fabian Bullen (Highways), Gary Newman (Secretary)

Attendee’s: Joan Morgan, Roger Turner, Richard Taylor, Fabian Bullen


Gary Newman



Meeting Agenda

  1. Agenda and apologies.
  2. Parish Accounts.
  3. AOB.

Minutes and actions arising


It was proposed that Joan Morgan sign the exemption certificate as chair and that the account do need to be audited.



The committee approved the annual governance statement which was signed by Joan Morgan as chair.



The accounting statements were noted and approved by the committee and signed by Joan Morgan as the chair.

The accounts must be available for inspection by appointment with Roger Turner and published on the village web site.


Roger Turner confirmed that at the beginning of the accounting year the village account balance was £831 and £1,296 at year end.


A move to consider increasing the precept for the forthcoming year and this was dismissed for the time being.


The Meads park land was discussed. Its overgrown state will not allow a big tractor to go on there and cut to size. It was agreed to wait until the autumn to try again.

It was also resolved that following the tractor clearance efforts will be made to keep the grass land low and in a reasonable condition. This could include hiring Gareth Broads ride on mowers from Howlands Farm Barns managed by Fabian Bullen. An annual housing rent circa £200 was discussed but not yet resolved.


Meeting closed at 18:30



Village accounts





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